Moving Guidelines


By Phone:
Give us a thorough list of all items to be moved; we lead you through a checklist that 
simplifies this part of the estimate which you may also print out for your convenience.
We will be glad to come to your home to complete the estimate, if necessary.

We schedule moves based on estimates, & will be able to move your household efficiently 
and professionally if we have accurate information.  Piece count is more important than weight.

If we don’t know what to be prepared for, we may be unable to complete your move.

Your household should be packed to move before moving day.  Anything smaller than a “bread box” should be contained in a box or drawer.  Boxes should be packed as described below, small items should be moved by you or packed, & furniture ready to be moved.

If you need total or partial packing services, we will usually schedule packing ahead of time.



Pack household items in sturdy boxes before moving day.
Boxes should be filled, but not overflowing.
Seal the boxes on top and bottom with carton-sealing tape; don’t overlap flaps.
Pack dishes on their edges, & glasses vertically.
Use smaller boxes for books; larger boxes can burst if loaded with books.
Label boxes with felt tip markers on the side, so label can be seen when boxes are stacked.
Do not use plastic bags to pack.

Leave clothing in dressers; remove breakables, & contain small items in bags.
Leave files in filing cabinets.
Movers can disassemble beds & remove mirrors, or you can do it yourself to save time.

Appliances & Electronics:
Refrigerator: Remove food from shelves & door before it is moved, leave food in bins.
Freezer: Remove most of food from refrigerator/freezer or upright freezer.
Washer & dryer: Disconnect, or movers can disconnect them.
Computer: Pack keyboards & peripherals.
Stereo rack systems: can sometimes be moved in their cabinet; check with movers.

Lamps, Pictures, etc.:
Large lamps: Remove shade by removing the finial; these can be moved as-is.
Small lamps: Pack lamps & shades.
Small pictures: Pack vertically in boxes, with padding between each (towels work well).
Large pictures: Leave hanging; they can be wrapped in moving pads & moved as-is.
Small plants: Put in a box, and will be loaded at back of truck.
Large plants & silks: Can be moved as-is – don’t over-water before move.
Large stuffed toys: Can be moved as-is.

Wardrobe boxes are provided on day of move; you may load them yourself or movers will.
Shoes, purses & closet shelf items may be put in the bottom of wardrobes.